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Disney’s Elements trilogy

Elsa and her sister Anna from Norway star in Frozen

Their cousin Sahana from India and her cousin Soyeon from Korea co-star in Phoenix

Sahana’s half-sister Mihret from Ethiopia and her brother Samuel star in Flora

(I didn’t make any of these; photo credits: x x x)


Elsa and Anna’s cousin Irene and her sister Ivi from Estonia star in Aqua (x)

Irene and Ivi’s cousin Brisa and her brother Diego from Venezuela star in Free (x)

well, that covers all of the elements! looks like it turned out to be a saga ~

These are fucking awesome!


Hey there frends-

I know a lot of you out there are struggling to acquire binders, and while you’re waiting to get one you might need an alternative. Ace bandages can be pretty hazardous to your health, so I thought I’d share my binding method with you. It came about out of necessity (I’m not in a position where I can buy myself a commercial binder,) but it’s comfortable and works great. I use it everyday and pass so well, at this point I’m not even looking into commercial binders anymore. 

Hope this helps some of you. 

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